After my two failed marriages, I began to wonder what the problem was. Then it came to me…they were both spoiled American girls, lol! One day I woke up and just decided I should date a girl from Asia. I have always loved their culture and have always seen them as very beautiful people. So, on the internet I went. A mere $500 later, I received three pictures of three different Thai girls.

The first picture was Thanyaphat. She was sitting on a fence. She looked like an angel. She also looked like she was 16! OMG! I was pleasantly surprised when I found out she was 39. I’m only 18 years older than her, lol. I know that I’m no Richard Gere, but if he can date a younger girl, why can’t I? I started writing to Thanya. She spoke very little English. So, when she asked if I wanted to video chat I thought, “this will be interesting!” Our first video chat lasted well over an hour. She was so gorgeous. It got better every time we talked.

I decided to go to Thailand to visit her in November of 2019. I was not expecting miracles and I always wanted to go to the Far East, anyway. I still remember when we first met. She was so scared she would not get out of the car. It was so funny. We never stopped laughing from the time we first met. I have never met a girl like Thanya, before. She is so humble. She sleeps on a blanket on the floor. She had no AC and no hot water. She is an accountant and works 60 hours a week for $400 a month. By our standards, she has had it so tough all her life. But, this girl never stopped smiling. I never thought she would be so funny and so passionate. I returned to see her again for her 40th birthday, February 12th,2020. Again, we just had an amazing time. We have applied for a K1 visa, which will allow her to come to the US for 3 months. During this time, I’m going to marry this beautiful girl.

I love you very much, Thanyaphat!

You have taken all my pain away and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

We are Ding Dong!


November 2019