Black and White

Most of these pictures were taken before I was born. I am unable to identify only a few of them. My sister could help you out there. I vaguely remember my grandfather on Dad’s side of the family. I got on so well with my grandmother. I have no pictures of Mum’s dad and mum. They were from South Shields. My grandmother died when my mum was small and my grandfather was a ship builder.

  1. My mum, Aunt Maria, Peter and Ann
  2. My grandmother, grandfather, Tom, Dad, Mary, Bernard, Diane, Keith and Dennis
  3. My mom front row, 5th from the left. (Best looking girl in the picture)
  4. My mom and dad. Bernard and Silvia
  5. East Rudham School
  6. Uncle Robert
  7. Mum, Sandra and ?
  8. Mum, Dad and Silvia
  9. Mum and Silvia
  10. Bernard and Silvia
  11. Diane and Bill
  12. Dad lol
  13. Mum and Sandra
  14. Mum and her first dog
  15. Mum
  16. Dad, front left
  17. My dad and me
  18. Mum in the land Army
  19. Keith
  20. Diane’s wedding
  21. Mum and Dad, Aunty Dora, Aunty Ellen and Uncle Bob. Will find out the others.
  22. Have no idea
  23. Nana and Sandra
  24. Nana and Sandra
  25. Sandra and ?
  26. Mum, Maria, Peter and Ann
  27. Sandra
  28. Aunt Dora’s Daughter
  29. ?
  30. Mum and Dad
  31. ?
  32. My dad
  33. My dad in the Army
  34. My Nana. This picture was taken by a German prisoner of the 2nd world war.