Coast to Coast Fixturing, Inc.

When I lived in Tucson, AZ, I worked for a company called National Millworks. I started off as a carpenter and eventually worked my way up to Director of Field Operations. I left that company in November 2000 and started my own company, Coast to Coast Fixturing, Inc., in Dalton, GA.

I chose Dalton for primarily two reasons. First, Glenda, my wife at that time and the mother of my son Ryan, had family there and I wanted Ryan to be able to grow up near family. Also, Ross Dress for Less was going to open 30 stores in and around Atlanta, so being based in Dalton provided easy access to those sites, and gave me a great start for my company.

In January 2001, we started contracting for Ross Dress for Less. I launched CTC with the help of Howard D. Dennis, Steve Kanel and Bob Lamont. They, too, were previous employees of National Millworks. By November 2001, we landed our second account with Bed Bath and Beyond, thanks to Mike Vence. By this time, I had added Jamie Doherty, who was in charge of the BBB account. Howard was in charge of the Ross account. Mike McGuffin also joined us. For the next 17 years we didn’t stop. We built over 300 BBB stores and over 130 Ross stores, as well as many other projects.

I want to thank the guys I have mentioned so far in this letter. Unfortunately, Mike McGuffin, Mike Vence and Steve Kanel have passed away, but their contributions were invaluable. I want to continue by thanking everyone below. You all were amazing. Key CTC employees were Howard W. Dennis, Patricia McDonald, Sammy Lawless, Dustin Bass, Phil Graham, Jim Norman, Lara Cary, Mike Stanley, Dewayne McClure, Rick Smith, Caleb Griffin, Allan Cantrell, Arthur Coon, Jeff Collins, Mario Contreras, Sam Ray, Rhonda Pritchett, Angela Nicolette, Michael Hudson, Kyle Thompson, and Chris Massey. To any others who worked at CTC, I thank you, as well. If I have not mentioned your name, I’m sorry, but every person contributed to the success of the company. It was a tough 17 years but we had some amazing times on the road.

At the end of 2017, I sold CTC to HJ Martin and Son out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I want to thank David Martin for giving my crew employment at your company. Mexico was a blast!! Thanks, David.

Also, I would like to express a special thank you to Debra Love, Dan Fey and Tom Cheung.

Coast to Coast

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